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Plugin Wrapper slides

Mostafa Hadizadeh requested to merge plugin-content into main

Dear @k204229,

All of the following tasks have been added to the slides. If it's possible and you have time I will be grateful if you review them. And If anything else is needed to add in the slides, please let me know.

To see the html slides in plugin-content, you can use the following artifact:

  • what is a Freva wrapper? Main components
  • how to install all needed libraries of a tool --> take a look at this template and explain the minimum: we install all in conda envs, but it offers enough felixibility install further other thigns like RCRAN packages this plugin, cartopy shpafiles (e.g. like in the template, or here). Only the most general idea and we then mention that they have a tempalte that tehy could look at
  • the self.add_output_to_databrowser utility, you can take a look at the exampleplugin that it uses it
  • how to plug a plugin to Freva: via cli is done with the export EVLAUATION_SYSTEM_PLUGINS=/path/to/plugin,plugin-api and via website is done via (picutr, maybe better take one from regiklim). BUt the users they will be unable to plugin the plugin later via web unles we change something on the paths
  • vscode stuff --> has been done with @k202195
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