Commit ff86e729 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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Change gridIsCyclic to gridIsCircular

parent b3cdaacd
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
* using GRIB library version 1.0.7
* new attribute routines: vlistInqNatts, vlistDefAttr and vlistInqAttr
for Int, Flt and Txt
* add support for Lambert conformal grids
* Add support for Lambert grids [request: Patrick Samuelsson]
* Version 1.0.9 released
2007-10-22 Uwe Schulzweida <>
......@@ -496,7 +496,7 @@ double gridInqYval(int gridID, int index);
double gridInqXinc(int gridID);
double gridInqYinc(int gridID);
int gridIsCyclic(int gridID);
int gridIsCircular(int gridID);
int gridIsRotated(int gridID);
double gridInqXpole(int gridID);
void gridDefXpole(int gridID, double xpole);
......@@ -1075,9 +1075,9 @@
! (INTEGER gridID)
EXTERNAL gridInqYinc
INTEGER gridIsCyclic
INTEGER gridIsCircular
! (INTEGER gridID)
EXTERNAL gridIsCyclic
EXTERNAL gridIsCircular
INTEGER gridIsRotated
! (INTEGER gridID)
......@@ -229,7 +229,7 @@ FCALLSCFUN2 (DOUBLE, gridInqXval, GRIDINQXVAL, gridinqxval, INT, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (DOUBLE, gridInqXinc, GRIDINQXINC, gridinqxinc, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (DOUBLE, gridInqYinc, GRIDINQYINC, gridinqyinc, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (INT, gridIsCyclic, GRIDISCYCLIC, gridiscyclic, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (INT, gridIsCircular, GRIDISCIRCULAR, gridiscircular, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (INT, gridIsRotated, GRIDISROTATED, gridisrotated, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (DOUBLE, gridInqXpole, GRIDINQXPOLE, gridinqxpole, INT)
FCALLSCSUB2 (gridDefXpole, GRIDDEFXPOLE, griddefxpole, INT, DOUBLE)
......@@ -2137,7 +2137,7 @@ static void grid_check_cyclic(GRID *gridptr)
int gridIsCyclic(int gridID)
int gridIsCircular(int gridID)
GRID *gridptr;
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