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Version 1.9.6 (07 February 2019):
New features:
* Added support for polar stereographic projection
* grib2: Added support for variables with different perturbationNumber
* Added check for unsupported NetCDF4/HDF5 library combination (NetCDF <= 4.4.0 with libhdf5 >= 1.10.0)
* NetCDF: added support for single scalar variable
Fixed bugs:
* ecCodes: deleteLocalDefinition for GRIB1.tmpl
* taxisCopyTimestep: don't copy rdate/rtime (bug fix)
* scanning of attribute associate* failed (bug fix)
* grib1/ecCodes: set maxStep to 65000 (bug fix)
* cdf_read: removed limitation of nmiss_ to INT_MAX [Bug #8691]
* cgribex: make section2 length dynamic (bug fix for large Gaussian reduced grids)
* GRIB2: correct longitudeOfFirstGridPoint if necessary (bug fix)
* CDI_reduce_dim: wrong result when reduce time dimension (bug fix)
Version 1.8.0 (14 February 2017):
New features:
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