Commit 7fa69a7c authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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No commit message

No commit message
parent a53a38ca
......@@ -3580,7 +3580,7 @@ void cdfSetDim(NCVAR *ncvars, int ncvarid, int dimid, int dimtype)
if ( ncvars[ncvarid].dimtype[dimid] != UNDEFID &&
ncvars[ncvarid].dimtype[dimid] != dimtype )
Warning(func, "Inconsistent dimension definition for %s! dimid %d oldtype %d newtype %d",
Warning(func, "Inconsistent dimension definition for %s! dimid = %d; type = %d; newtype = %d",
ncvars[ncvarid].name, dimid, ncvars[ncvarid].dimtype[dimid], dimtype);
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