Commit 470473a8 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Fix typo.

parent 78cc3a01
......@@ -2920,7 +2920,7 @@ void convertDataScanningMode(int scanModeOUT, double *data, int gridsize, int iD
void gridapiSetExtMode(grib_handle *gh, int gridID, long datasize, const double *data)
void gribapiSetExtMode(grib_handle *gh, int gridID, long datasize, const double *data)
Nj = 550;
......@@ -3107,7 +3107,7 @@ size_t gribapiEncode(int varID, int levelID, int vlistID, int gridID, int zaxisI
GRIB_CHECK(my_grib_set_double(gh, "missingValue", vlistInqVarMissval(vlistID, varID)), 0);
gridapiSetExtMode(gh, gridID, datasize, data);
gribapiSetExtMode(gh, gridID, datasize, data);
GRIB_CHECK(grib_set_double_array(gh, "values", data, (size_t)datasize), 0);
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