Commit 6cd0033b authored by Ralf Mueller's avatar Ralf Mueller
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allow command strings with comma for rake

parent fd3419ec
......@@ -206,9 +206,10 @@ def builder2task(builder,useHostAsName=false,syncSource=true)
@_help[:cmd] = "execute command within the target build dir, e.g. rake localGCC_cmd['pwd']" unless @_help.has_key?(:cmd)
task toDo[:cmd] ,:cmd do |t, args|
task toDo[:cmd] ,:cmd,:a,:b,:c,:d do |t, args|
warn "No command given!!" && exit(1) if args.cmd.nil?
cmd = args.to_hash.values.join(',')
@_help[:mods] = "get the auto loaded modules on the target machine"
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