Commit 415216eb authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida

Version 1.1.0 released

parent 229925bb
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
* using CDI library version 1.1.0
* New module: Monarith (monadd, monsub, monmul, mondiv) [request: Daniel Hernandez]
* Add support for Lambert grids
* Add support for Lambert grids in GRIB files
* Seltime: bug fix for input with time constant fields [report: Claas Teichmann]
* Setlevel: bug fix for usage in pipes [report: Claas Teichmann]
* Outputbounds: use -ZNaN for missing values [request: Karin Meier-Fleischer]
Version 1.1.0 (?? January 2008):
Version 1.1.0 (25 January 2008):
* New features
o Support for Lambert conformal grids in GRIB format
o Improved support for netCDF attributes
* New operators:
o Monthly arithmetic - monadd, monsub, monmul, mondiv
* Fixed bugs:
o Operator setlevel and chlevel: bug fix for usage in pipes
o Operator cat: bug fix for large existing output files (>2GB) on 32-bit machines
o Operator gradsdes: bug fix for monthly mean data with start day > 28
o Operator expr: change exponent precedence from left to right
Version 1.0.9 (22 October 2007):
* New operators:
......@@ -59,6 +59,23 @@ case "${HOSTNAME}" in
CPPFLAGS="-DHAVE_LIBSZ -I$HOME/local/include" LIBS=$HOME/local/lib/libsz.a \
CC=g++ CFLAGS="-g -D_REENTRANT -O2 -Wall -W -Wfloat-equal"
# etch-ia32
if [ "$SGE_MODE" = "off" ] ; then
${CONFPATH}configure --prefix=$HOME/local --exec_prefix=$HOME/local/etch-ia32 \
--with-netcdf=/client \
CPPFLAGS="-DHAVE_LIBSZ -I$HOME/local/etch-ia32/include" LIBS=$HOME/local/etch-ia32/lib/libsz.a \
CC=gcc CFLAGS="-g -D_REENTRANT -O2 -Wall -W -Wfloat-equal"
${CONFPATH}configure --prefix=$HOME/local --exec_prefix=$HOME/local/etch-ia32 \
--program-suffix=_${SGE_SUFFIX} \
--with-netcdf=/client \
CPPFLAGS="-DHAVE_LIBSZ -I$HOME/local/etch-ia32/include -DHAVE_LIBDRMAA -I/opt/gridware/sge/include -DHAVE_LIBCURL -I/usr/include" \
LIBS="$HOME/local/etch-ia32/lib/libsz.a -L/opt/gridware/sge/lib/lx24-x86 -ldrmaa -ldl -L/usr/lib -lcurl" \
CC=gcc CFLAGS="-g -D_REENTRANT -O2 -Wall -W -Wfloat-equal"
# sarge-ia32
# opt: -fno-PIC -O4 -march=i686 -mcpu=i686 -pipe -ffast-math -fomit-frame-pointer
if [ "$SGE_MODE" = "off" ] ; then
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