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Getting libaec
The source code of libaec is hosted at DKRZ GitLab.
## Source code and binary releases
The latest releases of libaec can be downloaded at the following
## Developer snapshot
git clone
The installation procedure uses CMake, as follows:
## Installation from source code release with configure
The most common installation procedure on Unix-like systems looks as
Unpack the tar archive and change into the unpacked directory.
mkdir build
cd build
make check install
## Installation from source code release with CMake
As an alternative, you can use CMake to install libaec.
Unpack the tar archive and change into the unpacked directory.
......@@ -22,7 +52,27 @@ or by setting the options manually, e.g.
in order to set the install prefix to ~/local
CMake can also generate project files for Microsoft Visual Studio when
used in Windows.
## Installation from cloned repository
The configure script is not included in the repository. You can
generate it with autotools:
cd libaec
autoreconv -iv
mkdir build
cd build
Also not included are CCSDS sample data which are needed for
testing. They have to be downloaded prior to running 'make check':
make update-sampledata
make check install
Intel compiler settings
......@@ -30,7 +80,7 @@ The Intel compiler can improve performance by vectorizing certain
parts of the code on x86 architectures. Assuming your CPU supports
AVX2, the following options will increase encoding speed.
./configure CC=icc
../configure CC=icc
make CFLAGS="-O3 -xCORE-AVX2" bench
On a 3.4 GHz E3-1240 v3 we see more than 400 MiB/s for encoding
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