Commit f18ca65d authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Extract error-handling to function.

* This also permits the conversion to restrict in a manner
  conforming to the language rules.
parent 86cc260e
......@@ -446,6 +446,24 @@ cut_pos_ext_from_pos_exts(struct Xt_pos_ext pos_ext,
size_t *size_pos_exts,
struct Xt_pos_ext *restrict *pos_exts);
static struct Xt_pos_ext *
get_pos_exts_of_index_stripes(Xt_idxlist idxlist,
int num_stripes,
const struct Xt_stripe stripes[num_stripes],
int *num_ext,
int single_match_only)
struct Xt_pos_ext *pos_ext;
#ifndef NDEBUG
int retval =
idxlist, num_stripes, stripes,
num_ext, &pos_ext, single_match_only);
assert(retval == 0);
return pos_ext;
static struct Xt_pos_ext_vec
int num_intersections,
......@@ -474,15 +492,11 @@ generate_dir_transfer_ext_dst(
struct Xt_stripe *intersection_idxstripes;
&intersection_idxstripes, &num_stripes);
struct Xt_pos_ext *restrict isect_pos_exts = NULL;
int num_isect_pos_exts;
#ifndef NDEBUG
int retval =
struct Xt_pos_ext *restrict isect_pos_exts
= get_pos_exts_of_index_stripes(
mypart_idxlist, num_stripes, intersection_idxstripes,
&num_isect_pos_exts, (struct Xt_pos_ext **)&isect_pos_exts, 1);
assert(retval == 0);
&num_isect_pos_exts, 1);
int isect_pos_exts_size_psum = 0;
int intersection_size = xt_idxlist_get_num_indices(intersections[i].list);
/* start with all indices from intersection as used,
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