Commit 0dc7430d authored by Moritz Hanke's avatar Moritz Hanke

adds new developer tip for weight file IO

parent 4ed2f85a
......@@ -38,4 +38,14 @@ Last but not least, a new tests needs to be provided to check for the correctnes
- \code DEBUG_TAGS \endcode all tag strings and their associated tags will be
\section dev_tips_perf Performance tips
\subsection dev_tips_perf_io IO
- Reading (see interpolation method file \ref interpolation_method_file.h) and
writing of weight files is done in parallel by a subset of processes. Which
processes access the weight file is determined by the routine
\ref compute_io_proc_step. In case of performance issues related to the number
of IO processes you should have a look at this routine.
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