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Loading 2D ICON data
An example using Ocean speeds
.. image:: 00-empty-main.png
For loading ICON data, we need to activate the CDI reader plugin (on Mistral it's active by default)
Chose Tools-> Manage Plugins
.. image:: 00a-load-plugin.png
Select the CDIReader plugin, open the detailed view, activate Auto Load, and Chose "Load selected" at the bottom.
.. image:: 00b-activate-cdi-plugin.png
Use File-> Open.., or use the top-left icon to open the file choser.
.. image:: 01-load-file.png
Chose (get it from ....)
.. image:: 02-chose-file.png
Chose the CDI reader for ICON files -- Model with a regular (lat/lon, or stretched) grid usually go via "NetCDF Reader".
.. image:: 02a-chose-reader.png now appears in the top of the pipeline (top left).
You can now chose which variables to load (we want u and v). They are considered as cell arrays, as we have all grid corners for them.
Below that, you can chose the projection. We'll use Lat/Lon for now.
Some ICON Ocean data comes with zeros on land points. Then a wet_c variable can be used to get rid of land points.
With "Vertical levels" you can chose which vertical level you want to see if there's more than one in the source file (not in
.. image:: 03-viever-properties.png
Now we want to apply a "Calculator" filter to compute the absolute speed from the velocity.
Choose Filters->Common->Calculator, or use the calculator symbol just above the pipeline.
.. image:: 04-pipeline.png
In the calculator, you can chose the data type to operate on ("cell data" is correct here), give your result variable a sensible name (color maps are associated with these names, so "Result" can lead to conflicts and hassle once you have a second calculator). In the next field, you can define the equation that is computed. We want to use::
sqrt (u*u+v*v)
You can also use the drop-down menus at the bottom to get access to the variables available (sorted by scalars and vector quantities).
.. image:: 05-calculator.png
.. image:: 06-chose-colormap.png
.. image:: 07-colormap-overview.png
.. image:: 08-colormap-choser.png
.. image:: 09-rescale-to-custom.png
.. image:: 10-ocean-speeds.png
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