1. 05 Jun, 2015 3 commits
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      Fix warning for C++ define. · abafb4fe
      Thomas Jahns authored
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      Fix linking of mo_cdi. · 09226fc8
      Thomas Jahns authored
      * Original patch by Nathanael Hübbe.
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      Fix incorrect Fortran preprocessing candidates. · e465e15d
      Thomas Jahns authored
      * This partially reverts "added support for C89/90 preprocessor" which only
        covered up an already bad situation.
      Using the C preprocessor on Fortran sources does ultimately not work
      since it doesn't know about Fortran-specific features like the _OPENMP
      macro and is chronically likely to pick up the cpp belonging to
      another compiler (e.g. to system gcc when compiling with xlf on Linux/ppc).
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