Commit f525cd16 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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cgribexDefGridLambert(): init x_0, y_0 if missing.

parent 46adf165
......@@ -1688,9 +1688,16 @@ void cgribexDefGridLambert(int *isec2, int gridID, int uvRelativeToGrid)
const int xsize = (int)gridInqXsize(gridID);
const int ysize = (int)gridInqYsize(gridID);
double missval = CDI_grid_missval;
double lon_0, lat_0, lat_1, lat_2, a, rf, xval_0, yval_0, x_0, y_0;
gridInqParamLCC(gridID, CDI_grid_missval, &lon_0, &lat_0, &lat_1, &lat_2, &a, &rf, &xval_0, &yval_0, &x_0, &y_0);
gridInqParamLCC(gridID, missval, &lon_0, &lat_0, &lat_1, &lat_2, &a, &rf, &xval_0, &yval_0, &x_0, &y_0);
if (IS_EQUAL(x_0, missval) && IS_EQUAL(y_0, missval) && (IS_EQUAL(xval_0, missval) || IS_EQUAL(yval_0, missval)))
x_0 = gridInqXval(gridID, 0);
y_0 = gridInqYval(gridID, 0);
gridVerifyGribParamLCC(CDI_grid_missval, &lon_0, &lat_0, &lat_1, &lat_2, &a, &rf, &xval_0, &yval_0, &x_0, &y_0);
bool lsouth = (lat_1 < 0);
if ( lsouth ) { lat_1 = -lat_2; lat_2 = -lat_2; }
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