Commit ecfc3a67 authored by Ralf Mueller's avatar Ralf Mueller
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[cdi:develop] fix more missing hdf5 linking; refs #7682

parent b1a32b13
......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ AS_IF([test "x$ENABLE_NC4HDF5" = "xyes"],
[AC_DEFINE([HAVE_NC4HDF5_THREADSAFE],[1],[Define to 1 for NetCDF4/HDF5 threadsafe support])],,[-lhdf5])])
AS_IF([test "x$ENABLE_NC4HDF5" = "xyes"],
[AC_SEARCH_LIBS([H5get_libversion], [netcdf],
[AC_DEFINE([HAVE_H5GET_LIBVERSION],[1],[Define to 1 for H5get_libversion support])],,[-lhdf5])])
[AC_SEARCH_LIBS([H5get_libversion], [netcdf hdf5],
[AC_DEFINE([HAVE_H5GET_LIBVERSION],[1],[Define to 1 for H5get_libversion support])],,)])
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