Commit e66f63eb authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Fix unused parameter warning and implicit conversion.

parent 4ced898b
......@@ -3615,11 +3615,12 @@ The function @func{gridDefParamLCC} defines the parameter of a Lambert Conformal
void gridDefParamLCC(int gridID, double missval, double lon_0, double lat_0, double lat_1, double lat_2,
double a, double rf, double xval_0, double yval_0, double x_0, double y_0)
cdiGridDefKeyStr(gridID, CDI_KEY_MAPPING, CDI_MAX_NAME, "Lambert_Conformal");
const char *mapname = "lambert_conformal_conic";
cdiGridDefKeyStr(gridID, CDI_KEY_MAPNAME, CDI_MAX_NAME, mapname);
cdiDefAttTxt(gridID, CDI_GLOBAL, "grid_mapping_name", strlen(mapname), mapname);
cdiDefAttTxt(gridID, CDI_GLOBAL, "grid_mapping_name", (int)(strlen(mapname)), mapname);
int nlats = 0;
double lats[2];
lats[nlats++] = lat_1;
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