Commit e022e5ac authored by Sergey Kosukhin's avatar Sergey Kosukhin
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Do not call grib_get_length when HAVE_LIBGRIB_API is undefined.

parent 5540812e
......@@ -691,14 +691,16 @@ int cdiGribIterator_getLong(CdiGribIterator *me, const char *key, long *result)
int cdiGribIterator_getLength(CdiGribIterator *me, const char *key, size_t *result)
return grib_get_length(me->gribHandle, key, result);
#elif defined(HAVE_LIBGRIB_API)
Error("grib_get_length() is not available, so cdiGribIterator_getLength() can't be used");
return -1;
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