Commit 8241bad6 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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stream_cdf::define_all_grids: changed scale_add() parameter from x to y (bug fix)

parent 6b28d696
......@@ -5409,7 +5409,7 @@ void define_all_grids(stream_t *streamptr, int fileID, int vlistID, ncdim_t *ncd
cdf_get_var_double(fileID, yvarid, grid.yvals);
scale_add(size, grid.yvals, ncvars[xvarid].addoffset, ncvars[xvarid].scalefactor);
scale_add(size, grid.yvals, ncvars[yvarid].addoffset, ncvars[yvarid].scalefactor);
strcpy(grid.yname, ncvars[yvarid].name);
strcpy(grid.ylongname, ncvars[yvarid].longname);
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