Commit 71206bca authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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renamed tsID1 to tsID

parent 5e129266
......@@ -620,10 +620,10 @@ void cdfCopyRecord(stream_t *streamptr2, stream_t *streamptr1)
int memtype = MEMTYPE_DOUBLE;
int vlistID1 = streamptr1->vlistID;
int tsID1 = streamptr1->curTsID;
int vrecID = streamptr1->tsteps[tsID1].curRecID;
int recID1 = streamptr1->tsteps[tsID1].recIDs[vrecID];
int ivarID = streamptr1->tsteps[tsID1].records[recID1].varID;
int tsID = streamptr1->curTsID;
int vrecID = streamptr1->tsteps[tsID].curRecID;
int recID = streamptr1->tsteps[tsID].recIDs[vrecID];
int ivarID = streamptr1->tsteps[tsID].records[recID].varID;
int gridID = vlistInqVarGrid(vlistID1, ivarID);
int datasize = gridInqSize(gridID);
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