Commit 3ad51683 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Use more concise notation.

parent 234ab049
......@@ -448,15 +448,14 @@ void gribapiAddRecord(stream_t * streamptr, int param, grib_handle *gh,
// fprintf(stderr, "param %d %d %d %d\n", param, level1, level2, leveltype1);
(*record).size = recsize;
(*record).position = position;
(*record).param = param;
(*record).ilevel = level1;
(*record).ilevel2 = level2;
(*record).ltype = leveltype1;
(*record).tsteptype = tsteptype;
if ( tiles ) (*record).tiles = *tiles;
else (*record).tiles = dummy_tiles;
record->size = recsize;
record->position = position;
record->param = param;
record->ilevel = level1;
record->ilevel2 = level2;
record->ltype = leveltype1;
record->tsteptype = tsteptype;
record->tiles = tiles ? *tiles : dummy_tiles;
//FIXME: This may leave the variable name unterminated (which is the behavior that I found in the code).
// I don't know precisely how this field is used, so I did not change this behavior to avoid regressions,
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