Commit 385bc281 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Fix error message.

parent 2223e5d7
......@@ -4719,7 +4719,6 @@ static
void define_all_grids(stream_t *streamptr, int vlistID, ncdim_t *ncdims, int nvars, ncvar_t *ncvars, int timedimid, unsigned char *uuidOfHGrid, char *gridfile, int number_of_grid_used)
int ncvarid, ncvarid2;
char name[CDI_MAX_NAME];
int ltwarn = TRUE;
struct cdfLazyGrid *restrict lazyGrid = NULL, *restrict lazyProj = NULL;
#define grid (&lazyGrid->base)
......@@ -4813,9 +4812,9 @@ void define_all_grids(stream_t *streamptr, int vlistID, ncdim_t *ncdims, int nva
if ( ncvars[ncvarid].gridtype == GRID_TRAJECTORY )
if ( ncvars[ncvarid].xvarid == UNDEFID )
Error("Longitude coordinate undefined for %s!", name);
Error("Longitude coordinate undefined for %s!", ncvars[ncvarid].name);
if ( ncvars[ncvarid].yvarid == UNDEFID )
Error("Latitude coordinate undefined for %s!", name);
Error("Latitude coordinate undefined for %s!", ncvars[ncvarid].name);
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