Commit 2df53f40 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Correctly parse function declarations with whitespace for mo_cdi.

parent 634b0e9f
......@@ -58,12 +58,12 @@ def getFuncInfo(filename)
typelist = %w[char int float double void]
funclist = IO.popen("cpp #{filename} | cpp -fpreprocessed").readlines.delete_if {|line| not line.index('#').nil?}.collect {|line| line.chomp}
# delete everything, that do not look like a function prototype
typeRegexp = /^.*(#{typelist.join('|')}) \**\w+\(.*\)/
typeRegexp = /^.*(#{typelist.join('|')}) \**\w+\s*\(.*\)/
funclist.delete_if {|line|
not typeRegexp.match(line.lstrip)
funclist.collect! {|line|
md = /(\w+)+ +(\**)(\w+)\((.*)\)/.match(line)
md = /(\w+)+ +(\**)(\w+)\s*\((.*)\)/.match(line)
returnType, returnPointer, funcName, paramList = md[1,4]
paramList = paramList.split(',').collect {|p| p.split(' ').each {|_p| _p.strip}}
[funcName, returnType, returnPointer, paramList]
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