Commit 234ab049 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Use wrapper.

parent 645272d0
......@@ -2614,13 +2614,13 @@ The function @func{gridDuplicate} duplicates a horizontal Grid.
int gridDuplicate(int gridID)
grid_t *gridptr = (grid_t *)reshGetVal(gridID, &gridOps);
grid_t *gridptr = gridID2Ptr(gridID);
int gridtype = gridInqType(gridID);
int gridsize = gridInqSize(gridID);
int gridIDnew = gridCreate(gridtype, gridsize);
grid_t *gridptrnew = (grid_t *)reshGetVal(gridIDnew, &gridOps);
grid_t *gridptrnew = gridID2Ptr(gridIDnew);
grid_copy(gridptrnew, gridptr);
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