Commit 172f960f authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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cdfInqContents: assign time variables from coordinates attribute.

parent c6d44a2a
......@@ -4033,6 +4033,7 @@ int cdfInqContents(stream_t *streamptr)
if (ncvars[cvarid].islon || ncvars[cvarid].isx) ncvar->xvarid = cvarid;
else if (ncvars[cvarid].islat || ncvars[cvarid].isy) ncvar->yvarid = cvarid;
else if (ncvars[cvarid].islev) ncvar->zvarid = cvarid;
else if (ncvars[cvarid].istime) ncvar->tvarid = cvarid;
else if (ncvars[cvarid].isc) ncvar->cvarids[i] = cvarid;
else if (ncvars[cvarid].warn == false)
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