Commit 00b1797e authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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......@@ -534,8 +534,6 @@ double gridInqYpole(int gridID);
void gridDefYpole(int gridID, double ypole);
double gridInqAngle(int gridID);
void gridDefAngle(int gridID, double angle);
double gridInqNpole(int gridID);
void gridDefNpole(int gridID, double npole);
void gridDefTrunc(int gridID, int trunc);
int gridInqTrunc(int gridID);
/* Hexagonal GME grid */
......@@ -1178,15 +1178,6 @@
EXTERNAL gridDefAngle
! (INTEGER gridID)
EXTERNAL gridInqNpole
! gridDefNpole
! (INTEGER gridID,
EXTERNAL gridDefNpole
! gridDefTrunc
! (INTEGER gridID,
! INTEGER trunc)
......@@ -245,8 +245,6 @@ FCALLSCFUN1 (DOUBLE, gridInqYpole, GRIDINQYPOLE, gridinqypole, INT)
FCALLSCSUB2 (gridDefYpole, GRIDDEFYPOLE, griddefypole, INT, DOUBLE)
FCALLSCFUN1 (DOUBLE, gridInqAngle, GRIDINQANGLE, gridinqangle, INT)
FCALLSCSUB2 (gridDefAngle, GRIDDEFANGLE, griddefangle, INT, DOUBLE)
FCALLSCFUN1 (DOUBLE, gridInqNpole, GRIDINQNPOLE, gridinqnpole, INT)
FCALLSCSUB2 (gridDefNpole, GRIDDEFNPOLE, griddefnpole, INT, DOUBLE)
FCALLSCSUB2 (gridDefTrunc, GRIDDEFTRUNC, griddeftrunc, INT, INT)
FCALLSCFUN1 (INT, gridInqTrunc, GRIDINQTRUNC, gridinqtrunc, INT)
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