Commit fcc7af99 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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print_lonlat: check lons/lats for NaNs.

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......@@ -728,6 +728,14 @@ verify_grid(size_t gridsize, size_t nx, int ncorner,
static void
print_lonlat(int dig, int gridID, size_t gridsize, const Varray<double> &lon, const Varray<double> &lat)
size_t num_lons_nan = 0;
for (size_t i = 0; i < gridsize; ++i) if (std::isnan(lon[i])) num_lons_nan++;
if (num_lons_nan) cdoPrint(Red("%9zu longitudes are NaN"), num_lons_nan);
size_t num_lats_nan = 0;
for (size_t i = 0; i < gridsize; ++i) if (std::isnan(lat[i])) num_lats_nan++;
if (num_lats_nan) cdoPrint(Red("%9zu latitudes are NaN"), num_lats_nan);
char name[CDI_MAX_NAME];
int length = CDI_MAX_NAME;
cdiInqKeyString(gridID, CDI_XAXIS, CDI_KEY_NAME, name, &length);
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