Commit dc526d9f authored by Fabian Wachsmann's avatar Fabian Wachsmann
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Renamed time_bounds in t_axis similar to z_axis

parent 7cb0247c
......@@ -677,15 +677,16 @@ check_short_key(char *key)
const char *short_keys[] = { "cn", "n", "c", "u", "cm", "vc", "p", "i", "ca", "za",
"gi", "rtu", "mt", "om", "ms", "dr", "d", "lc", "dj", "kaa",
"member", "project_id", "vd", "dl", "tb", "ci", "di", "tp",
"member", "project_id", "vd", "dl", "ta", "ci", "di", "tp",
"pd", "sc",
const char *long_keys[]
= { "cmor_name", "name", "code", "units", "cell_methods", "variable_comment",
"positive", "info", "character_axis", "z_axis", "grid_info", "required_time_units",
"mapping_table", "output_mode", "max_size", "drs_root", "drs", "last_chunk",
"dataset_json", "keep_all_attributes", "member", "project_id", "version_date", "deflate_level",
"time_bounds", "climatology_interval", "decadal_interval", "tracking_prefix", "parent_dates", NULL };
"t_axis", "climatology_interval", "decadal_interval", "tracking_prefix", "parent_dates",
"save_chunk", NULL };
for (int i = 0; short_keys[i]; i++)
if (strcmp(key, short_keys[i]) == 0 || strcmp(key, long_keys[i]) == 0) return short_keys[i];
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