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@Name = Distgrid
@Title = Distribute horizontal grid
@Section = File operations
@Class = File operation
@Arguments = ifile obase
@Operators = distgrid
@Title = Distribute horizontal grid
@Parameter = nx [ny]
This operator distributes a dataset into smaller pieces. Each output file contains a different region of the horizontal
source grid. A target grid region contains a regular longitude/latitude box of the source grid. Only rectilinear source
grids are supported by this operator. The number of different regions can be specified with the parameter @var{nx} and @var{ny}.
The output files will be named <obase><xxx><suffix> where suffix is the filename extension derived from the file format.
xxx will have five digits with the number of the target region.
@BeginParameter nx
@Item = nx
INTEGER Number of regions in x direction
@Item = ny
INTEGER Number of regions in y direction [default: 1]
This operator needs to open all output files simultaneously.
The maximum number of open files depends on the operating system!
Distribute a file into 6 smaller files, each output file receives one half of x and a third of y of the source grid:
cdo distgrid,2,3 obase
Below is a schematic illustration of this example:
On the left side is the data of the input file and on the right side is the data of the six output files.
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