Commit a0f31cb0 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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Changed type of i,j to size_t.

parent dabada86
......@@ -633,8 +633,8 @@ void rot_uv_north(int gridID, double *us, double *vs)
double xnormSph, ynormSph, znormSph;
double xncross, yncross, zncross;
double vecAngle;
long idx, idx4;
int i,j;
size_t idx, idx4;
size_t i,j;
double VJaa,VJab,VJba,VJbb;
double u,v;
double magnitude, newMagnitude;
......@@ -971,8 +971,8 @@ void project_uv_latlon(int gridID, double *us, double *vs)
double xpnt0,ypnt0;
double xpntEast,ypntEast;
double xpntNorth, ypntNorth;
long idx;
int i, j;
size_t idx;
size_t i, j;
double distLon;
double distLat;
double VJaa,VJab,VJba,VJbb;
......@@ -1358,7 +1358,7 @@ void *TransformUV(int operatorID)
if ( CdoDebug::cdoDebugExt>=20 )
printf("Xvals (size=%zu):\n",gridInqSize(gridIDcurvl));
int ii;
size_t ii;
for (ii=0; ii< 10; ii++)
printf("%4.3f ", gridInqXval(gridIDcurvl,ii));
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