Commit a023a0d2 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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name = orog
standard_name = surface_altitude
units = "m"
long_name = "Surface Altitude"
comment = "height above the geoid; as defined here, 'the geoid' is a surface of constant geopotential that, if the ocean were at rest, would coincide with mean sea level. Under this definition, the geoid changes as the mean volume of the ocean changes (e.g., due to glacial melt, or global warming of the ocean). Report here the height above the present-day geoid. Over ocean, report as 0.0"
out_name = orog
type = real
valid_min = -700
valid_max = 1.00E+04
attint = 1, 5, 7
attflt = 23.1 1.e2 88
attstring = "test string"
attword = word
missing_value = 1e+20
name = p0
long_name = "vertical coordinate formula term: reference pressure"
units = "Pa"
missing_value = 1e+20
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