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# Process this file with automake to produce
SUBDIRS = libcdi src contrib test/data test
EXTRA_DIST=config/default OPERATORS doc/cdo.pdf doc/cdo_eca.pdf doc/cdo_magics.pdf doc/cdo_cmor.pdf doc/cdo_refcard.pdf cdo.spec README
EXTRA_DIST=config/default OPERATORS doc/cdo.pdf doc/cdo_eca.pdf doc/cdo_magics.pdf doc/cdo_refcard.pdf cdo.spec README
......@@ -549,10 +549,6 @@ Operator catalog:
Strgal strgal Strong gale days index per time period
Hurr hurr Hurricane days index per time period
CMORlite cmorlite CMOR lite
......@@ -141,7 +141,6 @@ Strbre Miscellaneous
Strgal Miscellaneous
Hurr Miscellaneous
CMORlite Miscellaneous
Magplot Magics
Magvector Magics
Maggraph Magics
......@@ -5026,46 +5026,6 @@ static const char *CMORliteHelp[] = {
static const char *CMORHelp[] = {
" cmor - CMOR",
" cmor,table[,options] infile",
" ",
" ",
" The CDO operator cmor selects variables from infile",
" and writes them directly with the CMOR library.",
" Each output file contains a single output variable with there coordinates and metadata.",
" Much of the metadata written to the output files is defined in the table file.",
" The name of the output files are derived from the metadata.",
" The supported format of the table file is CMOR3/json.",
" These tables are typically made available from MIP web sites.",
" ",
" A comma separated list of \"key=value\" pairs with optional parameters can be specified.",
" These optional parameters can be set to overwrite all entries of a parameter",
" table defined by the __info command line parameter.",
" Entries with two leading underscores are used for cdo/cmor internal purposes.",
" CMOR itself uses entries with one leading underscore internally. The remaining k-v pairs are",
" used as attributes. Unknown (to CMOR) keys are simply copied as global attributes.",
" table STRING Name of the MIP table as specified from PCMDI",
" __var STRING Comma separated list of variables. Default is to process all variables.",
" __info STRING Configuration file name",
" __grid_table STRING Name of the MIP grid definition table as specified from PCMDI",
" __rename_<axis name> STRING Rename z-axis to match the grid_table",
" __inpath STRING All remaining parameters are for cmor_setup().",
" __chunk STRING netcdf_file_action parameter of cmor_setup()",
" __set_verbosity STRING",
" __exit_control STRING",
" __logfile STRING",
" __create_subdirectories INTEGER",
static const char *MagplotHelp[] = {
" contour, shaded, grfill - Lat/Lon plot",
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