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% retilinear (geradlinig)
\subsection{ICON - Grid File Server}
The geographic coordinates of the ICON model are located on an unstructured grid.
This grid is stored in a separate grid file independent of the model data.
The grid files are made available to the general public via a file server.
Furthermore, these grid files are located at DKRZ under \texttt{/pool/data/ICON/grids}.
With the {\CDO} function \texttt{setgrid,<gridfile>} this grid information can be added to the data if needed.
Here is an example:
\begin{lstlisting}[frame=single, backgroundcolor=\color{pcolor2}, basicstyle=\ttfamily, columns=flexible]
cdo sellonlatbox,-20,60,10,70 -setgrid,<path_to_gridfile> icondatafile result
ICON model data in NetCDF format contains the global attribute \texttt{grid\_file\_uri}.
This attribute contains a link to the appropriate grid file on the ICON grid file server.
If the global attribute \texttt{grid\_file\_uri }is present and valid, the grid information is added automatically.
The \texttt{setgrid} function is then no longer necessary.
{\CDO} evaluates this attribute and downloads the grid file on demand if it is not already present.
The grid file is stored in the current directory.
The environment variable \texttt{CDO\_DOWNLOAD\_PATH} can be used to select a different directory for storing the grid file.
If the grid files are available locally, like at DKRZ, they do not need to be fetched from the grid file server.
Use the environment variable \texttt{CDO\_ICON\_GRIDS} to set the root directory of the ICON grids.
Here is an example for the ICON grids at DKRZ:
\begin{lstlisting}[frame=single, backgroundcolor=\color{pcolor2}, basicstyle=\ttfamily, columns=flexible]
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