Commit 989aa7b0 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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Fix typo.

parent 9560818a
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ YSEASSTAT = yseasmin_ref yseasmax_ref yseassum_ref yseasavg_ref yseasmean_ref
SEASSTAT = seasmin_ref seasmax_ref seassum_ref seasavg_ref seasmean_ref seasstd_ref seasstd1_ref seasvar_ref seasvar1_ref seasrange_ref
SEASMSTAT = seasmmin_ref seasmmax_ref seasmsum_ref seasmavg_ref seasmmean_ref seasmstd_ref seasmstd1_ref seasmvar_ref seasmvar1_ref seasmrange_ref
TIMPCTL = seaspctl50_ref timpctl50_ref yearpctl50_ref monpctl50_ref daypctl50_ref yseaspctl50_ref ymonpctl50_ref ydaypctl50_ref
TIMSELPCTL = timpsel12ctl50_ref timpsel60ctl50_ref
TIMSELPCTL = timsel12pctl50_ref timsel60pctl50_ref
RUNSTAT = runmin_ref runmax_ref runsum_ref runavg_ref runmean_ref runstd_ref runstd1_ref runvar_ref runvar1_ref runrange_ref
RUNMSTAT = runmmin_ref runmmax_ref runmsum_ref runmavg_ref runmmean_ref runmstd_ref runmstd1_ref runmvar_ref runmvar1_ref runmrange_ref
RUNPCTL = runpctl1_ref runpctl20_ref runpctl25_ref runpctl33_ref runpctl50_ref runpctl66_ref runpctl75_ref runpctl80_ref runpctl99_ref runpctl100_ref
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