Commit 853a6f4b authored by Fabian Wachsmann's avatar Fabian Wachsmann
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Changed grid substitution

parent 65e59a23
......@@ -2446,8 +2446,12 @@ static void change_grid(char *grid_file, int gridID, int vlistID)
if ( a != b )
cdoAbort("Could not use grid from file '%s' configured via attribute 'ginfo'\n because xsize of $IFILE: '%d' is not identical to xsize of ginfo file: '%d'.", grid_file, a, b);
vlistChangeGrid(vlistID, gridID, gridID2);
if ( gridID != gridID2 )
vlistChangeGrid(vlistID, gridID, gridID2);
cdoPrint("Successfully substituted grid.");
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