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......@@ -184,13 +184,12 @@ pythagoras(double a, double b)
return M_SQRT2 * abs_a;
#define MAX_ITER 1000
static void
eigen_solution_of_triangular_matrix(Varray<double> &d, Varray<double> &e, size_t n, Varray2D<double> &a, const char *prompt)
eigen_solution_of_triangular_matrix(Varray<double> &d, Varray<double> &e, long n, Varray2D<double> &a, const char *prompt)
constexpr double eps = 1.e-6;
size_t i, k, l, m, iter;
constexpr long MAX_ITER = 1000;
long i, k, l, m, iter;
double b, c, f, g, p, r, s;
for (i = 1; i < n; i++) e[i - 1] = e[i];
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