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Version 1.9.1 (27 September 2017):
New features:
* Added support for NC_FORMAT_CDF5
* Extend option --reduce_dim to all dimension for all operators
New operators:
* tee - Duplicate a data stream
Changes operators:
* eof, eof3d: set default value of environment variable CDO_WEIGHT_MODE to off
* sinfo: Added time type
* ap2pl: added support for input data on half levels
Fixed bugs:
* selindexbox: breaks uvRelativeToGrid flag [Bug #7901]
* expr: AND fall through OR
* --cmor option doesn't work for lon/lat bounds (introduced in 1.9.0)
* eof3d: weight array was allocated for only one level (bug fix)
* eof3d: weight array was allocated for only one level
Version 1.9.0 (27 July 2017):
libcdi @ 906a0846
Subproject commit 51151b5b3767c64de4cd17dd888d1b8d470e4f50
Subproject commit 906a08462a0439daca5d259f9ecc2f6b6d618537
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