Commit 54ea14f0 authored by Cedrick Ansorge's avatar Cedrick Ansorge
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removed misstakenly comitted directory my_src; reverted grid.c to revision 1343

parent d7c510f1
......@@ -270,262 +270,6 @@ m4/check_gnu_make.m4 -text
m4/gcc_ac_c_char_bit.m4 -text
m4/starlink_fpp.m4 -text
m4/tj_find_type.m4 -text
my_src/Arith.c -text
my_src/Arithc.c -text
my_src/Arithdays.c -text
my_src/Arithlat.c -text
my_src/CDItest.c -text
my_src/Cat.c -text
my_src/Change.c -text
my_src/Change_e5slm.c -text
my_src/Cloudlayer.c -text
my_src/Command.c -text
my_src/Comp.c -text
my_src/Compc.c -text
my_src/Complextorect.c -text
my_src/Cond.c -text
my_src/Cond2.c -text
my_src/Condc.c -text
my_src/Consecstat.c -text
my_src/Copy.c -text
my_src/Deltime.c -text
my_src/Detrend.c -text
my_src/Diff.c -text
my_src/EOFs.c -text
my_src/EcaIndices.c -text
my_src/Echam5ini.c -text
my_src/Enlarge.c -text
my_src/Enlargegrid.c -text
my_src/Ensstat.c -text
my_src/Eofcoeff.c -text
my_src/Exprf.c -text
my_src/Filedes.c -text
my_src/Fillmiss.c -text
my_src/Filter.c -text
my_src/Fldrms.c -text
my_src/Fldstat.c -text
my_src/Fldstat2.c -text
my_src/Fourier.c -text
my_src/Gather.c -text
my_src/Gengrid.c -text
my_src/Gradsdes.c -text
my_src/Gridboxstat.c -text
my_src/Gridcell.c -text
my_src/Harmonic.c -text
my_src/Hi.c -text
my_src/Histogram.c -text
my_src/Importamsr.c -text
my_src/Importbinary.c -text
my_src/Importcmsaf.c -text
my_src/Importobs.c -text
my_src/Info.c -text
my_src/Input.c -text
my_src/Intgrid.c -text
my_src/Intgridtraj.c -text
my_src/Intlevel.c -text
my_src/Intntime.c -text
my_src/Inttime.c -text
my_src/Intyear.c -text
my_src/Invert.c -text
my_src/Invertlev.c -text
my_src/Log.c -text
my_src/ -text
my_src/ -text
my_src/Maskbox.c -text
my_src/Mastrfu.c -text
my_src/Math.c -text
my_src/Merge.c -text
my_src/Mergegrid.c -text
my_src/Mergetime.c -text
my_src/Merstat.c -text
my_src/Monarith.c -text
my_src/Mrotuv.c -text
my_src/Mrotuvb.c -text
my_src/Ninfo.c -text
my_src/Nmltest.c -text
my_src/Output.c -text
my_src/Outputgmt.c -text
my_src/Pinfo.c -text
my_src/Pressure.c -text
my_src/Regres.c -text
my_src/Remap.c -text
my_src/Remapeta.c -text
my_src/Replace.c -text
my_src/Replacevalues.c -text
my_src/Rotuv.c -text
my_src/Runpctl.c -text
my_src/Runstat.c -text
my_src/Scatter.c -text
my_src/Seascount.c -text
my_src/Seaspctl.c -text
my_src/Seasstat.c -text
my_src/Selbox.c -text
my_src/Select.c -text
my_src/Seloperator.c -text
my_src/Selrec.c -text
my_src/Seltime.c -text
my_src/Selvar.c -text
my_src/Set.c -text
my_src/Setbox.c -text
my_src/Setgatt.c -text
my_src/Setgrid.c -text
my_src/Sethalo.c -text
my_src/Setmiss.c -text
my_src/Setrcaname.c -text
my_src/Settime.c -text
my_src/Setzaxis.c -text
my_src/Showinfo.c -text
my_src/Sinfo.c -text
my_src/Smooth9.c -text
my_src/Sort.c -text
my_src/Sorttimestamp.c -text
my_src/Specinfo.c -text
my_src/Spectral.c -text
my_src/Spectrum.c -text
my_src/Split.c -text
my_src/Splitrec.c -text
my_src/Splitsel.c -text
my_src/Splittime.c -text
my_src/Splityear.c -text
my_src/Subtrend.c -text
my_src/Templates.c -text
my_src/Test.c -text
my_src/Tests.c -text
my_src/Timcount.c -text
my_src/Timpctl.c -text
my_src/Timselpctl.c -text
my_src/Timselstat.c -text
my_src/Timsort.c -text
my_src/Timstat.c -text
my_src/Timstat2.c -text
my_src/Timstat3.c -text
my_src/Tinfo.c -text
my_src/Tocomplex.c -text
my_src/Transpose.c -text
my_src/Trend.c -text
my_src/Trms.c -text
my_src/Tstepcount.c -text
my_src/Vardup.c -text
my_src/Vargen.c -text
my_src/Varrms.c -text
my_src/Vertint.c -text
my_src/Vertstat.c -text
my_src/Vertwind.c -text
my_src/Wct.c -text
my_src/Wind.c -text
my_src/Writegrid.c -text
my_src/Writerandom.c -text
my_src/Ydaypctl.c -text
my_src/Ydaystat.c -text
my_src/Ydrunpctl.c -text
my_src/Ydrunstat.c -text
my_src/Yhourstat.c -text
my_src/Ymonarith.c -text
my_src/Ymonpctl.c -text
my_src/Ymonstat.c -text
my_src/Yseaspctl.c -text
my_src/Yseasstat.c -text
my_src/Zonstat.c -text
my_src/cdi.h -text
my_src/cdilib.c -text
my_src/cdo.c -text
my_src/cdo.h -text
my_src/cdo_int.h -text
my_src/cdo_pthread.c -text
my_src/cdo_vlist.c -text
my_src/cdotest.c -text
my_src/color.c -text
my_src/color.h -text
my_src/commandline.c -text
my_src/ -text
my_src/counter.h -text
my_src/dmemory.h -text
my_src/dtypes.h -text
my_src/ecacore.c -text
my_src/ecacore.h -text
my_src/ecautil.c -text
my_src/ecautil.h -text
my_src/error.h -text
my_src/etopo.h -text
my_src/exception.c -text
my_src/expr.c -text
my_src/expr.h -text
my_src/expr_lex.c -text
my_src/expr_lex.l -text
my_src/expr_yacc.c -text
my_src/expr_yacc.h -text
my_src/expr_yacc.y -text
my_src/field.c -text
my_src/field.h -text
my_src/field2.c -text
my_src/fieldc.c -text
my_src/fieldmem.c -text
my_src/fieldmer.c -text
my_src/fieldzon.c -text
my_src/fouriertrans.c -text
my_src/functs.h -text
my_src/gradsdeslib.c -text
my_src/gradsdeslib.h -text
my_src/grid.c -text
my_src/grid.h -text
my_src/grid_gme.c -text
my_src/grid_lcc.c -text
my_src/grid_rot.c -text
my_src/griddes.c -text
my_src/griddes.h -text
my_src/griddes_h5.c -text
my_src/griddes_nc.c -text
my_src/hetaeta.c -text
my_src/hetaeta.h -text
my_src/history.c -text
my_src/institution.c -text
my_src/interpol.c -text
my_src/interpol.h -text
my_src/job.c -text
my_src/juldate.c -text
my_src/legendre.c -text
my_src/list.c -text
my_src/list.h -text
my_src/modules.c -text
my_src/modules.h -text
my_src/namelist.c -text
my_src/namelist.h -text
my_src/normal.c -text
my_src/nth_element.c -text
my_src/nth_element.h -text
my_src/operator_help.h -text
my_src/par_io.c -text
my_src/par_io.h -text
my_src/percentiles.c -text
my_src/percentiles.h -text
my_src/pipe.c -text
my_src/pipe.h -text
my_src/printinfo.h -text
my_src/process.c -text
my_src/process.h -text
my_src/pstream.c -text
my_src/pstream.h -text
my_src/pstream_int.h -text
my_src/pthread_debug.c -text
my_src/pthread_debug.h -text
my_src/readline.c -text
my_src/realtime.c -text
my_src/remap.h -text
my_src/remaplib.c -text
my_src/specspace.c -text
my_src/specspace.h -text
my_src/statistic.c -text
my_src/statistic.h -text
my_src/table.c -text
my_src/timebase.h -text
my_src/timer.c -text
my_src/userlog.c -text
my_src/util.c -text
my_src/util.h -text
my_src/vinterp.c -text
my_src/vinterp.h -text
my_src/yacc_lex -text
my_src/zaxis.c -text
src/Arith.c -text
src/Arithc.c -text
src/Arithdays.c -text
......@@ -1275,18 +1275,15 @@ int gridGenArea(int gridID, double *area)
if ( lgriddestroy ) gridDestroy(gridID);
total_area = 0;
fprintf(stderr, "entering parallel region in gridInqArea\n");
#if defined (_OPENMP)
#pragma omp parallel for default(none) \
#pragma omp parallel for default(none) \
shared(gridsize, area, nv, grid_center_lon, grid_center_lat, grid_corner_lon, grid_corner_lat) \
for ( i = 0; i < gridsize; ++i )
area[i] = cell_area(i, nv, grid_center_lon, grid_center_lat, grid_corner_lon, grid_corner_lat);
// total_area += area[i];
// total_area += area[i];
// if ( cdoVerbose ) cdoPrint("Total area = %g", total_area);
......@@ -1445,15 +1442,11 @@ int gridWeights(int gridID, double *grid_wgts)
int a_status, w_status;
double *grid_area;
fprintf(stderr, "in function gridWeights\n");
gridtype = gridInqType(gridID);
gridsize = gridInqSize(gridID);
grid_area = (double *) malloc(gridsize*sizeof(double));
fprintf(stderr, "gridWeights tpye %i size %i\n", gridtype,gridsize);
fprintf(stderr, "gridHasArea? %i\n",gridHasArea(gridID));
a_status = 0;
if ( gridHasArea(gridID) )
......@@ -1470,10 +1463,7 @@ int gridWeights(int gridID, double *grid_wgts)
gridtype == GRID_CURVILINEAR ||
gridtype == GRID_CELL )
if ( cdoVerbose ) cdoPrint("generating grid Area\n");
fprintf(stderr, "calling gridGenArea()\n");
a_status = gridGenArea(gridID, grid_area);
fprintf(stderr, "returned from gridGenArea with status %i\n",a_status);
......@@ -1498,7 +1488,5 @@ int gridWeights(int gridID, double *grid_wgts)
fprintf(stderr, "returning from gridWeights with status %i\n",w_status);
return (w_status);
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