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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ The GRIB-Modules was developed by Heiko Borgert and Wolfgang Welke in 1991 at th
\item[afterburner] is a postprocessing program for ECHAM data and ECMWF analysis data,
originally developed by Edilbert Kirk, Michael Ponater and Arno Hellbach.
The afterburner code was modified for the {\CDO} opertors after, sp2gp, gp2sp.
The afterburner code was modified for the {\CDO} opertors {\htmlref{after}{after}}, {\htmlref{sp2gp}{sp2gp}}, {\htmlref{gp2sp}{gp2sp}}.
\item[SCRIP] is a software package used to generate interpolation weights for remapping
fields from one grid to another in spherical geometry \cite{SCRIP}.
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ all percentile operators, module {\htmlref{YDRUNSTAT}{YDRUNSTAT}} and {\htmlref{
\item[Kameswarrao Modali]: Implemented operators: contour, shaded, grfill, vector, graph.
\item[Michal Koutek]: Implemented operators: {\htmlref{selmulti}{selmulti}}
{\htmlref{delmulti}{delmulti}}, {\htmlref{changemulti}{changemulti}}, {\htmlref{samplegrid}{samplegrid}}
{\htmlref{delmulti}{delmulti}}, {\htmlref{changemulti}{changemulti}}, {\htmlref{samplegrid}{samplegrid}},
{\htmlref{uvDestag}{uvDestag}}, {\htmlref{rotuvNorth}{rotuvNorth}}, {\htmlref{projuvLatLon}{projuvLatLon}}.
\item[Etienne Tourigny]: Implemented operators: {\htmlref{setclonlatbox}{setclonlatbox}}, {\htmlref{setcindexbox}{setcindexbox}},
......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ Martin Schultz,
Dennis Shea,
Kevin Sieck,
Martin Stendel,
Bjorn Stevens,
Martina Stockhaus,
Claas Teichmann,
J\"org Trentmann,
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