Commit 4ed75906 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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Added cdo_libdep to cdo.tex.

parent c2e237ba
......@@ -23,6 +23,19 @@
{\transparent{1.0} \includegraphics[width=16cm,height=\paperheight,%
%\newcommand{\CDO}{{\bfseries\sffamily CDO\ }}
\newcommand{\CDO}{{\bfseries\sffamily CDO}}
......@@ -170,9 +183,11 @@
{\Huge{\CDO}} \ {\Huge\bf User's Guide}
rm -f *~
rm -f cdo.aux cdo.cps cdo.fn cdo.html cdo.pdf cdo.pgs
rm -f cdo.cp cdo.dvi cdo.fns cdo.log cdo.toc cdo.vr
rm -f cdo_over.texi cdo_ref.texi cdo_rmenu.texi
rm -f cdo.out cdo.idx cdo.ilg cdo.ind
rm -f cdo*.aux cdo.tpt
rm -f cdo_refcard.aux cdo_refcard.dvi cdo_refcard.log cdo_refcard.pdf
rm -f test.ind test.ilg test.tpt test.toc test.pdf
rm -f test.out test.log test.idx test.aux
rm -f *.aux *.cps *.fn *.html *.ky *.pgs *.tp
rm -f *.pdf
rm -f *.cp *.dvi *.fns *.info *.log *.pg *.ps *.toc *.vr
rm -f *.texi *.texi *.texi
rm -f *.out *.idx *.ilg *.ind
rm -f *.tpt *.ist
rm -f ref_man_*.tex ref_list_*.tex catalog.tex cdo_ref_over.tex
rm -f operator_help.h OPERATORS
rm -f cdo_refcard.tex
rm -f x.log cdo_class
rm -f alphabetic_list.tex
rm -f cdo_eca.idx cdo_eca.ilg cdo_eca.ind cdo_eca.out cdo_eca.toc
rm -f cdo_magics.idx cdo_magics.ilg cdo_magics.ind cdo_magics.out cdo_magics.toc
rm -f cdo_oper.html
rm -f *.html
pdflatex cdo_libdep.tex
pdflatex cdo.tex
pdflatex cdo.tex
cat > << 'EOF'
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