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......@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ static void
zaxisPrintKernel(int zaxisID, FILE *fp)
char attstr[CDI_MAX_NAME];
const int type = zaxisInqType(zaxisID);
const int nlevels = zaxisInqSize(zaxisID);
const int prec = zaxisInqDatatype(zaxisID);
const auto type = zaxisInqType(zaxisID);
const auto nlevels = zaxisInqSize(zaxisID);
const auto prec = zaxisInqDatatype(zaxisID);
const size_t nvals = (size_t) zaxisInqLevels(zaxisID, nullptr);
const int dig = (prec == CDI_DATATYPE_FLT64) ? Options::CDO_dbl_digits : Options::CDO_flt_digits;
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