Commit 4ae7db34 authored by Oliver Heidmann's avatar Oliver Heidmann
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replaced redundant code with a function call

parent 21c93b3a
......@@ -588,12 +588,7 @@ pipeReadRecord(pstream_t *pstreamptr, double *data, int *nmiss)
if (!pipe->data)
Error("No data pointer for %s", pname);
vlistID = pstreamptr->vlistID;
datasize = gridInqSize(vlistInqVarGrid(vlistID, pipe->varID));
if (vlistNumber(vlistID) != CDI_REAL)
datasize *= 2;
memcpy(data, pipe->data, datasize * sizeof(double));
*nmiss = pipe->nmiss;
pipeReadPipeRecord(pipe,data,pname, pstreamptr->vlistID, nmiss);
Error("Internal problem! istream undefined");
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