Commit 3896dd54 authored by Uwe Schulzweida's avatar Uwe Schulzweida
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XTimstat: added yearstat

parent 2362fef8
......@@ -153,6 +153,15 @@ void *XTimstat(void *argument)
cdoOperatorAdd("xtimvar1", func_var1, DATE_LEN, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xtimstd", func_std, DATE_LEN, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xtimstd1", func_std1, DATE_LEN, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearmin", func_min, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearmax", func_max, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearsum", func_sum, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearmean", func_mean, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearavg", func_avg, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearvar", func_var, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearvar1", func_var1, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearstd", func_std, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xyearstd1", func_std1, 10, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xmonmin", func_min, 8, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xmonmax", func_max, 8, NULL);
cdoOperatorAdd("xmonsum", func_sum, 8, NULL);
......@@ -452,6 +452,7 @@ void *Maggraph(void *argument);
#define TimselpctlOperators {"timselpctl"}
#define TimselstatOperators {"timselmin", "timselmax", "timselsum", "timselmean", "timselavg", "timselvar", "timselvar1", "timselstd", "timselstd1"}
#define XTimstatOperators {"xtimmin", "xtimmax", "xtimsum", "xtimmean", "xtimavg", "xtimvar", "xtimvar1", "xtimstd", "xtimstd1", \
"xyearmin", "xyearmax", "xyearsum", "xyearmean", "xyearavg", "xyearvar", "xyearvar1", "xyearstd", "xyearstd1", \
"xmonmin", "xmonmax", "xmonsum", "xmonmean", "xmonavg", "xmonvar", "xmonvar1", "xmonstd", "xmonstd1"}
#define TimstatOperators {"timmin", "timmax", "timsum", "timmean", "timavg", "timvar", "timvar1", "timstd", "timstd1"}
#define YearstatOperators {"yearmin", "yearmax", "yearsum", "yearmean", "yearavg", "yearvar", "yearvar1", "yearstd", "yearstd1"}
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