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documentation of operator ensroc

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......@@ -5,12 +5,12 @@
@Section = Statistical values
@Class = Statistic
@Arguments = obsfile ensfiles ofile
@Operators = ensbrs enscrps ensrkhistspace ensrkhisttime
@Operators = ensbrs enscrps ensrkhistspace ensrkhisttime ensroc
This module computes statistical values over the ensemble of @file{ensfiles} using
@file{obsfile} as a reference. Depending on the chosen operator the Brier score,
Cumulative ranked probability score or a ranked Histogram over all Ensembles @file{ensfiles}
Cumulative ranked probability score ranked Histogram or a roc-curve over all Ensembles @file{ensfiles}
with reference to @file{obsfile} is written to @file{ofile}.
The date and grid information of a time step in @file{ofile} is the date of the
first input file. Thus all input files are required to have the same structure in
......@@ -85,6 +85,10 @@ o(t,x) = crps( \{i_1(t,x)\}, \{i_2(t,x),\ldots,i_n(t,x)\} )
@Title = Ranked Histogram averaged over space
@Title = Ensemble Receiver Operating characteristics
To compute the Brier score over 5 input files @file{ensfile1}-@file{ensfile5}
given an observation in @file{obsfile} use:
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