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......@@ -30,6 +30,23 @@ masks of missing values in time. Although there still will be results, they are
not trustworthy, and a warning will occur. In the latter case we suggest to
replace missing values by 0 in @file{ifile}.
Environmental settings are available to customize the way the eigenvalue computation
is done:
@bold{CDO_SVD_MODE} can be used to set the algorithm which is used to calculate the
eigenvalues. Available Options are
(1) 'jacobi' for a one-sided parallel jacobi-algorithm (only executed in parallel if -P
flag is set.
(2) 'danielson_lanczos' for a non-parallel d/l algorithm.
Default: 'jacobi'
@bold{MAX_JACOBI_ITER} Is the maximum integer number of annihilation sweeps that is executed
if the jacobi-algorithm is used to compute the eigen values. Default: 5
@bold{FNORM_PRECISION} Is the Frobenius norm of the matrix consisting of an annihilation pair
of eigenvectors that is used to determine if the eigenvectors have reached a sufficient level
of convergence. If all annihilation-pairs of vectors have a norm below this value, the computation
is considered to have converged properly. Otherwise, a warning will occur. Default: 1e-05
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