Commit 1b7ef57c authored by Oliver Heidmann's avatar Oliver Heidmann
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tests: added subfolder for test executions without correctness check

parent b41e1170
TESTS = Splitsel.test
11.10.2019 Oliver Heidmann
Test inside this folder do not contain any special tests for correctness of the operator
and only checks wheather a general execution of this operator runs withough generating an
#! @BASH@
echo 0..1
test -n "$CDO" || CDO="@abs_top_builddir@/src/cdo $CDO_DEBUG"
FORMAT="-f grb -b 32"
for STAT in $STATS; do
echo "Running test: $NTEST - splitsel $CDOTEST"
$CDO $FORMAT ${STAT},1 -topo out.splitsel.test.file
test $? -eq 0 && echo "ok $NTEST - $CDOTEST"
test $? -eq 0 || echo "not ok $NTEST - $CDOTEST"
rm -rf *out.splitsel.test.file
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