Commit 104ae274 authored by Oliver Heidmann's avatar Oliver Heidmann
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fixed wrong return type of pCreateReadThread

parent a6f648d7
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ static void createPipeName(char *pipename, int pnlen){
snprintf(pipename, pnlen, "(pipe%d.%d)", processSelf() + 1, processInqChildNum() + 1);
static int pCreateReadThread(char *newarg, argument_t *argument, const char *operatorName){
static pthread_t pCreateReadThread(char *newarg, argument_t *argument, const char *operatorName){
pthread_attr_t attr;
int status = pthread_attr_init(&attr);
if ( status ) SysError("pthread_attr_init failed for '%s'", newarg+1);
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