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...@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ doc/tex/mod/Invertlev -text ...@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ doc/tex/mod/Invertlev -text
doc/tex/mod/Maggraph -text doc/tex/mod/Maggraph -text
doc/tex/mod/Magplot -text doc/tex/mod/Magplot -text
doc/tex/mod/Magvector -text doc/tex/mod/Magvector -text
doc/tex/mod/MapReduce -text
doc/tex/mod/Maskbox -text doc/tex/mod/Maskbox -text
doc/tex/mod/Maskregion -text doc/tex/mod/Maskregion -text
doc/tex/mod/Mastrfu -text doc/tex/mod/Mastrfu -text
@Name = MapReduce
@Title = Reduce grid to user-definde mask - unpack to target grid
@Section = Conditional selection
@Class = Conditional
@Arguments = ifile ofile
@Operators = reduce unreduce
This module contains operators for data reduction based on a user defined mask.
@Name = reduce
@Title = Reduce input file variables for locations, where mask is non-zero.
Horizontal grids of @file{mask} and @file{ifile} must be identical
@Parameter = mask
Performs a transformation to an unstructured grid including coordinate bounds
@Item = mask
STRING Target mask
Say @file{ifile} contains fields on a quadrilateral curvilinear grid and
@file{maskfile} holds a single field with zero-to-one mask onthe same
horizontal grid. To limit all data fields from @file{ifile} to the location
where the mask has a value of 1, call
cdo reduce,mask ifile ofile
@Name = unpack
@Title = Unpack input fields to given grid description
@Parameter = grid
Blowup the input fields towards given grid without changing the values
@Item = grid
STRING Target grid description file or name
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