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Browse files Expansion of identify_grid to also identify all possible... Expansion of identify_grid to also identify all possible interpolation files for the traget grid. Also added more options to infer the number of cells which is still the only method to identify a grid.
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......@@ -957,7 +957,10 @@ def conv_gname(gname):
Grid related functions
def identify_grid(path_grid, fpath_data):
""" Identifies ICON grid in depending on clon.size in fpath_data.
""" Identifies ICON grid from fpath_data which can be either a path to
a file containing a 'clon' variable or an xarray dataset or array where
the cell dimension name is either 'ncells' or 'cell'.
r2b4: 160km: 15117:
r2b4a: 160km: 20480: /pool/data/ICON/grids/public/mpim/0013/
......@@ -1065,17 +1068,45 @@ def identify_grid(path_grid, fpath_data):
#Dgrid_list[grid_name]['fpath_grid'] = path_grid + Dgrid_list[grid_name]['long_name'] + '.nc'
Dgrid_list[grid_name]['fpath_grid'] = f'{path_grid}/{grid_name}/{grid_name}'
f = Dataset(fpath_data, 'r')
if isinstance(fpath_data, str):
f = Dataset(fpath_data, 'r')
gsize = f.variables['clon'].size
ds = xr.open_dataset(fpath_data)
gsize = ds.ncells.size
# assume fpath_data is an xarray dataset or array
gsize = fpath_data.ncells.size
gsize = fpath_data.cells.size
raise ValueError('::: Error: Could not read numer ob cells from fpath_data! :::')
for grid_name in Dgrid_list.keys():
if gsize == Dgrid_list[grid_name]['size']:
Dgrid = Dgrid_list[grid_name]
# --- get all available interpolation files
glist = glob.glob(f"{path_grid}/{Dgrid['name']}/ckdtree/rectgrids/*.nc")
Drectgrids = dict()
for gg in glist:
key = gg.split('.nc')[0].split(Dgrid['name']+'_')[1]
Drectgrids[key] = gg
Dgrid['Drectgrids'] = Drectgrids
glist = glob.glob(f"{path_grid}/{Dgrid['name']}/ckdtree/sections/*.nc")
Dsections = dict()
for gg in glist:
key = gg.split('.nc')[0].split(Dgrid['name']+'_')[1]
Dsections[key] = gg
Dgrid['Drectgrids'] = Drectgrids
Dgrid['Dsections'] = Dsections
#fpath_grid = '/pool/data/ICON/oes/input/r0003/' + Dgrid['long_name'] +'/' + Dgrid['long_name'] + '.nc'
return Dgrid
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