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Browse files Allow for masking big triangles for setup with double-periodic... Allow for masking big triangles for setup with double-periodic boundary conditions (like torus setup).
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......@@ -93,6 +93,9 @@ parser.add_argument('--coastlines_color', type=str, default='k',
help='Color of coastlines. Default is \'k\'. To disable set to \'none\'.')
parser.add_argument('--land_facecolor', type=str, default='0.7',
help='Color of land masses. Default is \'0.7\'. To disable set to \'none\'.')
parser.add_argument('--lonlat_for_mask', default=False,
help='If specified, mask for triangles which are swapped at periodic boundaries is calculated from clon and clat (and not only from clon). Relevant for torus setup.')
iopts = parser.parse_args()
......@@ -244,37 +247,30 @@ if not use_tgrid:
lon, lat, datai = interp_to_rectgrid(data, fpath_ckdtree, lon_reg=lon_reg, lat_reg=lat_reg)
print('Deriving triangulation object, this can take a while...')
if False:
# --- more elegant but not sure whether as efficient
if fpath_tgrid != 'from_file':
ds_tgrid = xr.open_dataset(fpath_tgrid)
ind_reg, Tri = pyic.triangulation(ds_tgrid, lon_reg, lat_reg)
if fpath_tgrid != 'from_file':
f = Dataset(fpath_tgrid, 'r')
clon = f.variables['clon'][:] * 180./np.pi
clat = f.variables['clat'][:] * 180./np.pi
vlon = f.variables['vlon'][:] * 180./np.pi
vlat = f.variables['vlat'][:] * 180./np.pi
vertex_of_cell = f.variables['vertex_of_cell'][:].transpose()-1
clon_bnds = ds.clon_bnds * 180./np.pi
clat_bnds = ds.clat_bnds * 180./np.pi
clon = ds.clon * 180./np.pi
clat = ds.clat * 180./np.pi
ntr = clon.size
vlon =*3)
vlat =*3)
vertex_of_cell = np.arange(ntr*3).reshape(ntr,3)
if lon_reg is not None and lat_reg is not None:
ind_reg = np.where( (clon>lon_reg[0])
& (clon<=lon_reg[1])
& (clat>lat_reg[0])
& (clat<=lat_reg[1]) )[0]
vertex_of_cell = vertex_of_cell[ind_reg,:]
data = data[ind_reg]
Tri = matplotlib.tri.Triangulation(vlon, vlat, triangles=vertex_of_cell)
ds_tgrid = xr.Dataset()
ntr = ds.clon.size
vlon =*3)
vlat =*3)
vertex_of_cell = np.arange(ntr*3).reshape(ntr,3)
vertex_of_cell = vertex_of_cell.transpose()+1
ds_tgrid['clon'] = xr.DataArray(, dims=['cell'])
ds_tgrid['clat'] = xr.DataArray(, dims=['cell'])
ds_tgrid['vlon'] = xr.DataArray(vlon, dims=['vertex'])
ds_tgrid['vlat'] = xr.DataArray(vlat, dims=['vertex'])
ds_tgrid['vertex_of_cell'] = xr.DataArray(vertex_of_cell, dims=['nv', 'cell'])
if iopts.lonlat_for_mask:
only_lon = False
only_lon = True
ind_reg, Tri = pyic.triangulation(ds_tgrid, lon_reg, lat_reg, only_lon=only_lon)
if lon_reg is not None and lat_reg is not None:
data = data[ind_reg]
data = data.compute()
print('Done deriving triangulation object.')
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