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......@@ -8,22 +8,25 @@ Makes a figure from ICON data
Usage notes:
Basic usage:
pyic_fig var_name [options] var_name [options]
Change color limits, colorbar:
pyic_fig var_name --clim=-10,32 --cmap=viridis var_name --clim=-10,32 --cmap=viridis
Select time step by indices:
pyic_fig var_name --it=3 var_name --it=3
Select date:
pyic_fig netcdf_files_*.nc var_name --time=2010-03-02 --depth=1000 netcdf_files_*.nc var_name --time=2010-03-02 --depth=1000
Change x/y-limits:
pyic_fig var_name ---xlim=20,30 --ylim=0,3000 var_name ---xlim=-30,80 --ylim=0,3000
Add contours: var_name --clim=16 --cincr=2 --conts=auto --clabel
Save the figure:
pyic_fig var_name --fpath_fig=/path/to/figure.png var_name --fpath_fig=/path/to/figure.png
Argument list:
......@@ -56,6 +59,16 @@ parser.add_argument('--cmap', type=str, default='auto',
help='Colormap used for plot.')
parser.add_argument('--clim', type=str, default='auto',
help='Color limits of the plot. Either specify one or two values.If one value is specified color limits are taken symetrically around zero. If \'auto\' is specified color limits are derived automatically.')
parser.add_argument('--cincr', type=float, default=-1.0,
help='Increment for pcolor plot to specify levels between clims.')
parser.add_argument('--clevs', type=str, default=None,
help='Color levels for pcolor plot.')
parser.add_argument('--conts', type=str, default=None,
help='Contour levels for monochromatic contours.')
parser.add_argument('--contfs', type=str, default=None,
help='Contour levels for filled contour patches.')
parser.add_argument('--clabel', action='store_true', default=False,
help='If clabel is specified, color labels will be shown.')
parser.add_argument('--facecolor', type=str, default=None,
help='Background color')
parser.add_argument('--title_center', type=str, default='auto',
......@@ -117,16 +130,26 @@ arrange_axes = pyic.arrange_axes
shade = pyic.shade
plot_settings = pyic.plot_settings
def str_to_array(string):
string = string.replace(' ', '')
array = np.array(string.split(','), dtype=float)
return array
# --- limits
if iopts.clim!='auto':
iopts.clim = iopts.clim.replace(' ', '')
iopts.clim = np.array(iopts.clim.split(','), dtype=float)
iopts.clim = str_to_array(iopts.clim)
if iopts.xlim:
iopts.xlim = iopts.xlim.replace(' ', '')
iopts.xlim = np.array(iopts.xlim.split(','), dtype=float)
iopts.xlim = str_to_array(iopts.xlim)
if iopts.ylim:
iopts.ylim = iopts.ylim.replace(' ', '')
iopts.ylim = np.array(iopts.ylim.split(','), dtype=float)
iopts.ylim = str_to_array(iopts.ylim)
# --- contour values
if iopts.conts and iopts.conts!='auto':
iopts.conts = str_to_array(iopts.conts)
if iopts.contfs and iopts.contfs!='auto':
iopts.contfs = str_to_array(iopts.contfs)
if iopts.clevs:
iopts.clevs = str_to_array(iopts.clevs)
# --- open dataset
mfdset_kwargs = dict(combine='nested', concat_dim='time',
......@@ -191,9 +214,22 @@ hca, hcb = arrange_axes(1,1, plot_cb=iopts.cbar_pos, asp=asp, fig_size_fac=2,
ii+=1; ax=hca[ii]; cax=hcb[ii]
shade_kwargs = dict(ax=ax, cax=cax, clim=iopts.clim, cmap=iopts.cmap, logplot=iopts.logplot)
shade_kwargs = dict(ax=ax, cax=cax,
hm = shade(xdim, ydim,, **shade_kwargs)
if iopts.clabel:
Cl = ax.clabel(hm[1], colors='k', fontsize=6, fmt='%.1f', inline=False)
for txt in Cl:
txt.set_bbox(dict(facecolor='white', edgecolor='none', pad=0))
if iopts.cbar_pos=='bottom':
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