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# Intake-esm Datastore
This repository is where intake-esm's official data collection input files live.
This repository is where intake-esm's official data collection/catalog files live.
These input files are used by [`intake-esm`]( package when building collection catalogs.
[`intake-esm`]( is used to ingest assets from these collections/catalogs into xarray datasets.
## Adding Collection Input
To suggest adding a new collection input file, please open [an issue]( or a pull request.
Whenever a new collection input file is added to this repository or an existing one is updated, **remember to update the checksum files** as well by running the `` script:
cd collection-input
python ../
## Building Collections
Collections can be built using ``intake-esm-builder`` utility from ``intake-esm``.
### Intak-esm Installation
Intake-esm can be installed from PyPI with pip:
pip install intake-esm
It is also available from conda-forge for conda installations:
conda install -c conda-forge intake-esm
Once ``intake-esm`` is installed, the ``intak-esm-builder`` CLI tool is available and ready to be used:
$ intake-esm-builder --help
Usage: intake-esm-builder [OPTIONS]
-cdef, --collection-input-definition TEXT
Path to a collection input YAML file or a
name of supported collection input(see:
for list of supported collection inputs.
--overwrite-existing Whether or not to overwrite the existing
database file. [default: False]
-db, --database-dir TEXT Directory in which to persist the built
collection database [default: /glade/u/home
--anon / --no-anon Access the AWS-S3 filesystem anonymously or
--profile-name TEXT Named profile to use when authenticating
--help Show this message and exit.
### Example
To build a collection for CMIP6 data residing on NCAR's glade, you would need to run
the following:
$ intake-esm-builder -cdef GLADE-CMIP6 --overwrite-existing
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